"Azerbaijan Exhibition Organisers Association" Public Union is established


"Azerbaijan Exhibition Organisers Association" Public Union is established

The Public Union called "Azerbaijan Exhibition Organisers Association" has been founded in Azerbaijan. 

This association works to consolidate players in the industry and assist in developing and reinforcing the exhibition and event sector nation-wide, as well as to develop projects and initiatives and promote congress and exhibition field at an international level.

Serving as a platform for the government-business dialogue for the sake of achieving industry- and region-wide objectives of the national economy, such business-associations are also an important tool for securing sustainable development in an industry or region their member companies operate in. The setup of such an association by companies with decades-long experience in international exhibitions would contribute heavily to the industry and the national economy as whole.

The organisation is founded by companies specializing in the management of international exhibitions: Caspian Event Organisers, Iteca Caspian, and AzExpoMontage. Farid Mammadov, Director of Caspian Event Organisers, has been appointed chairman and legal representative of the fledgling association.

The exhibition industry of the independent Azerbaijan dates back to the year 1994, when the first ever international exhibition called "Caspian Oil&Gas" was held. Over the years, the national exhibition industry has become an integral part of the country's economy, contributing heavily to the development of business tourism, hotel and restaurant industry etc.